Saturday, October 27, 2012

Google release Metro style search app for Windows 8

After all speculations and rumors Microsoft released Windows 8 operating system . Faster ,Powerful ,Lighter than any other operating system like Mac and Linux. Many Linux OS like Lubuntu, Pepper Mint , Xubuntu are lighter than Windows 8 but we can't compare them with Windows 8 ,Window 8 is far better than these OS in all ways. Main attraction of new Windows 8 is it's new Interface , Windows GUI formerly known as  Metro UI( They changed the name Metro due to the issue with a European company). Many users says that they don't like Windows 8 due to the absence of Start menu. But Windows GUI is more easier than conventional Windows start menu , after a few days it will be easier for you.If you want Start menu you can use third party softwares to install start menu.New Design  specially designed for Tablets and Touch Laptop and Desktops.

Google released a new search engine app especially for Windows 8 operating system after the Windows 8 launch.It work only in Windows 8 , if you don't  have one , please download it .This app has  full screen  like Microsoft Bing search engine. Google has better search results than Bing so it will be useful for all Widows 8 users for better search result.
Google tile apps
Google search app for Windows 8 with voice search
Windows 8 free apps
Google voice search for Windows 8 

This app make everything easier. if you have a Tablet or Netbook with touch display this app will be a amazing experience.

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Ahsan said...

wow..this new search style looks more cool than previous one :)

Anderson said...

Awesome new look of new style browser

MM Enterprises said...

What a great & useful information, i like your efforts.


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