Sunday, October 7, 2012

[FB cover photos] Super car's Facebook cover photos

Latest Facebook blog said that Facebook hit 100 cores users , just in 8 year. It hit last 50 core users in just 2 year. One of the reason behind is usage of Mobile phones and Internet plan. Even a small child has Mobile and he knows how to connect to Internet, so Facebook got a number users. Almost more than 50% of Facebook users use Facebook from their Mobile phone or Tablets. One of the funny thing is that Facebook didn't earn money from Mobile Phone users because almost every one use dedicated Facebook application to connect Facebook. Facebook ads are not available in these 3rd party apps . If these 100 cores people use Facebook from PC or Tablet via Web browser Facebook revenue will twice . So if you really love Facebook use Facebook via Web browser or PC don't use any third party apps to connect Facebook.

Here are some Super cars Facebook cover photos .

collection of super car fb cover photos
 super car collection fb cover photos
Facebook cover - super car
facebook cover
Facebook cover photos
Facebook cover
Facebook cover
Facebook cover -super car

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Ahsan said...

Superb cars picture to use as Facebook cover photos :)


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