Thursday, October 18, 2012

[Download] VLC 2.1.0 Nightly version for Testing

We all know about VLC media player , one of the famous video player that doesn't need any video/audio codecs to play media files. VLC 2.0.4 is latest version but VLC 2.1.0 is available in the nightly channel.It has some modifications from latest stable version.Why i love VLC media player is , it is the best player for me , it has lot of features unlike other media players. Most interesting feature i told above it doesn't need any codecs so can play any videos any time independent of your installed codec packs. Second thing is it's Interface it hasn't any mind blowing interface like Windows media player and Power DVD , it look simple and that i want , i want full screen playing without any disturbance , VLC media player gave me.

It support all videos and online stream. So we can stream videos from Internet without downloading. Interface is customizable thousand of skins are available. Unlike other players VLC player can play unfinished torrent video files while downloading.Most of the people use this feature to check quality of videos.Snapshots also possible while playing videos.It uses Software acceleration for playing medias so you can play some high quality videos without having good computer but it is doesn't work always

For Web browsers , VLC player is available it can be integrate with all web browsers like IE , Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome. Your online videos can be streamed using VLC media player plugins.

Download : VLC player 2.1.0

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Ahsan said...

I am also a fan of VLC media player


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