Friday, October 12, 2012

[Download] Universal nedia player latest version - Best media player for Windows 8

Universal media player is considered to be the best media  player for Windows PC's . It is  a cross platform software so it is also available in Linux and Mac. Firstly, i want to say that  it has a  simple and  beautiful Graphical User Interface . It looks good .The Menu and tool bar placed on the top of the player and indicator , player options and navigators , are placed on the bottom of the player.

UM player comes under open source project , any one can modify UM player in  their own ways.

Lets check it's features

It is a feature rich media player like VLC player. All codecs are inbuilt so you don't need to install codec packs

270 inbuilt Audio / Video codecs

As we said early each version of UM player has inbuilt codecs. It can play any video or audio without the help of codecs. This feature also available in VLC player.


YouTube is one of the best sites for video sharing , thousands of people use YouTube to watch videos or to upload videos. UM player has inbuilt YouTube search box , it can also stream videos from YouTube. You can see a YouTube search box on the right top of player.
Any file from any location can be played in a UM player.

You can search YouTube files using this search bar. UM player can play / record files from search lists.


Any file from any location can be played in a UM player.. You can directly stream video from YouTube or other video sharing sites. It can also play videos from various DVD , CD players.

Radio and TV features are inbuilt. You can watch online TV channels or Listen FM station without any 3rd party software's

Skin and Customization

Customization of the video player is possible with the thousands of skins available.. By default more than 7 skins are already available , if you want , you can download more skins from UM player website.

Windows can be resize to any size , by length or height. So it will automatically resize it's window according to Monitor resolution.


Comparatively better performance than Windows media player 12 , you can replace wmp with UM player.
As we said early it support almost all available video and audio codecs so it can play almost all videos. It shows some problems in our old computer , it played a 480p video but audio lags . Besides this we didn't find any other issues.

Download : UM player

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