Monday, October 22, 2012

[Download] Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

Linux is not only  for Geeks or Programmers but also for all of us.. In olden days Linux OS was used by programmers and geeks and ordinary people used Windows OS. But nowadays situation changed Ubuntu made Linux simple and easy and make it for everyone . Now it is more easier than any Windows version, easy to install OS and easy to install software. Ubuntu software center doesn't need any skills to install software it need only  few clicks.

Recently Ubuntu release a new version  Ubuntu 12.10 also called Quantal Quetzal. Which is different from predecessor in many ways . It is the first OS introduce Unity Preview and shopping lens. Unity Preview is useful ,we can install software within Unity dash but Shopping lens is not useful for us it is useful for canonical because they will get some money when anyone buy any amazon products through Unity shopping lens.But it not like Google ads it never share your personal interests and private data to amazon.It only depend upon your keywords.

New changes 

Unity 6 + - Unity preview and shopping lens , some modifications in Unity dash 
Libre office 3.6.5
Kernel 3.5
Nautilus 3.4
Gnome 3.6
Python 3 
Unity 2D dropped

Web apps : It is useful if you are a frequent user of Facebook ,YouTube , Gmail or any other famous web sites.You can make a web app for that site.When you click yes it will create a new icon on the Unity launcher just like below image.So you can use it quickly.
Web apps
What should do after Ubuntu 12.10 installation 

After installation Ubuntu look like a new born baby we need to do many things to work it properly. 

Install third party codecs : At the Beginning it  has only  default video / audio codecs like ogg but most of video / audio files are in mp4/avi/mp3 or in flv format. In order to play these formats we need third party codecs , for this install Gstreamer plugins . Goto Ubuntu software center and search for Gstreamer plugins or codes 

Adobe Flash plugins : Adobe stop flash support for Linux but still  adobe provide old version and it's updates . Google chrome doesn't need Adobe flash but Mozilla Firefox and other web browsers need it. It also available in Ubuntu software center.

VLC media player : It is a cross platform media player it doesn't need any codecs it will help you to play all formats. So if your default  Movie player didn't work well you can use VLC media player.

Google chrome :Can you avoid Google chrome , for me it is very difficult.I enabled sync in Google chrome.So Bookmarks , history will sync and it will available in all other OS like Windows and Mac. Because when you bookmark any website it directly sync with Google server and updates contents  So these data will  send to all Chrome browser independent of Operating system.

Chrome is best for all OS  because it has thousand of free apps .It is best for bloggers , developers and ordinary users.There is an app called  remote desktop which help us to access others computer . This app only available in Google chrome and work  like  Team viewer . Like this there are hundreds of useful apps available. So you must install Google chrome after Ubuntu 12.10 installation.

Install Google chrome : It available in Software center.

Software updates: Canonical provide updates daily yo keep Ubuntu perfect. So you must check for updates. You can use software updater . Anyway you need updates some updates related to your Hardware so it automatically fix your problems.

Web apps : Web apps are new it also available in Ubuntu 12.04 . When you integrate any app it will appear in Unity launcher. So it become more easy to open Facebook, YouTube and Gmail like websites.

Online Accounts :  It is useful you can connect with all social media sites in a single software. It also help to shows your Facebook/Twitter Pictures in Unity dash.

Reduce Brightness : Ubuntu doesn't have any good Brightness control option. Each time you use Ubuntu you must reduce it brightness.It will help to save some amount of battery life and also your eyes health. Many software are available to control power management but most of them are useless. You can use Bublebee to save power on Nvidia graphics card.

Find Hardware Drivers : It is very essential you must use software updater to find Hardware drivers. 3D Games or even Unity also need some Hardware support if you get drivers it will improve performance.So it must be done. Some time it doesn't shows any hardware drivers.

Add your Favorite software to Unity launcher: It can save your time once you add any software on Unity launcher it will stay there so you don't need to go Unity dash to get that software. Remove unwated entries from Unity launcher.

Janitor : It is used to clean temp files . It can save your space. During each software installation some data will download and save it in temp folder and some other folder. After installation some data remains there but not useful. Best thing is , clean your computer using Janitor.

Re-arrange Unity launcher :Unity launcher pinned some apps you can unpin that apps and in your favorite app. For example Unity launcher pinned Libre office, Ubuntu one , Libre office presentation ,calc , word etc..But you don't use it frequently , remove them and add your favorite apps

Set up Online Presence :Set up your Gibber , and other social clients.This will give notification when you receive any mails or chat message

Download : Ubuntu 12.10 

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Anderson said...

It's the first time I have stuck with Linux long enough for an upgrade to next version scenario, looking forward to it. I assume I will get an upgrade notification in my 12.04 notification bar.


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