Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[Download] Pokki's Windows 8 start menu

We are all waiting for the Windows 8 OS. On October 26 Windows 8 will officially be released  to the world. 3 major previews have already been available for testing , from these 3 previews we know that there is no start menu for Windows 8. Start menu and other features are replaced by modern GUI. But from the beginning of Windows we use Start menu  so it is very difficult to adjust with the new Interface , many of us hate modern GUI because this GUI is very difficult in Desktops and Notebooks but good for Tablets. Anyway we  can't change Microsoft's decision .

Pokk develop a start menu software for Windows 8 which will be useful for Windows 7 lovers. This start menu has all features of conventional start menu with mind blowing style. Here are some snapshots

Features :

1. Desktop apps : Hundreds of apps are available for your desktop. In the 2nd image you can see the Angry Birds game. Similarly there are many apps and games available.

2.Real time Notifications : Notifications are real time , you can see notifications like Windows updates , security problems , apps installations etc..

3. Favorite apps and software : You can add your favorite apps and software in slots so you can access it quickly .

Windows 8 start menu

Download : Pokki's Windows start menu 

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