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Best free FTP clients

FTP clients are very necessary for bloggers and website owners.It is an essential software for Wordpress installation ,Websites and online apps.Many Softwares are available for File Transmission ,but the best and fully featured softwares can increase our productive time by making everything easy. Making everything easy means ,page editing and uploading will be easier in these softwares. .Here are some free FTP clients


CuberDuck is a free FTP client best known for its Simplicity. It looks like Windows explorer and so we can edit and make everything more easier than FileZilla. FileZilla is a good tool but it looks complex.

Best Free FTP Clients
Above image shows  CyberDuck , it is very different from FileZilla. Besides File Transfer it can also be used to connect with various cloud spaces like Google Drive.

Download Link:

2 FileZilla 

Free and open source project.This software is being used by many people even though it is complex.Any way you can use it if you like and one of the reasons why it is popular is because it is available for all platforms like Windows , Linux and Mac. . CyberDuck is available only in Mac and Windows. There are no good FTP client on Linux except FileZilla.
Best FTP software
FileZilla is 7th most downloaded software from website.So now you can imagine how popular it is.Latest versions support SFTP along with FTP,FTPS . It available in all platform so you can use it on your Ubuntu , Windows , mac systems.

Download : FileZilla 

3 WinSCP

I liked this software very much even though it is not popular like CyberDuck , FileZilla etc.It looks like Windows Explorer so the drag and drop option is available. We can create new files and folder just like in Windows Explorer.
From above you can understand it's Interface , it like Windows Explorer. So uploading , editing will be very easy. drag and drop also possible.So i think it is the best FTP client.It support SSL/SSH, SFTP,FTPS etc.If you are a beginner wWinSCP is the best software it is very easy to install and configure and also easy to connect with your server. It is a best tool for both beginner and professionals.

The new features of 5.x include:
  • Unicode/UTF8 support.
  • Tab selector for sessions.
  • Support for taskbar jump list on Windows 7.
  • Support for MLSD/MLST FTP commands.
  • .NET assembly built around WinSCP scripting interface.


4 Classic FTP 

Simple and efficient FTP client, Paid and Free versions are available . We don't know how paid version work and behave we have only free version but i think it is not a trial version.It may contain ad ware.It has remote file editing like all other software listed above .It support some tools and extras like Fling uploader. Fling is another FTP client designed only for Windows Operating system.In our view Classic FTP also a good software it have all latest FTP,SFTP,SSL,SSH and FTPS fearures
File Transfer software
Classic FTP
Download: Classic FTP

4 CoreFTP

Another software like Classic FTP. Both software look alike and functions also same. CoreFTP has two version Free and Paid version. Free version can use to upload/download , editing , remote editing etc..We don't know much about CoreFTP pro , it is a paid version , may be it contain more features.

Windows FTP clients
Download: CoreFTP

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Anderson said...

I use FileZilla every time it is quit good ftp tool i like that much don't know about others. I'm not much convenient with other tools to use

Alanna said...

I've tried Filezilla before but none of the others on this list. I've also used JSCAPE's AnyClient ftp tool. They have paid products but the AnyClient product is their free ftp client. I think it works pretty good too. If interested, you can check them out at


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