Sunday, September 9, 2012

[Review] Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal beta one review

Yesterday we had installed latest beta version of Ubuntu 12.10 in our Computer , Same installation steps nothing new in it.It took about 10-12 minute to complete full installation.  Then we restart it again and started a quick look.There are many changes in software and GUI.

  First difference is in Wallpaper's,  it has 12 new wallpapers with default Ubuntu wallpaper. All wallpapers are good but i liked two of them very much.Here is my favorite two wallpapers.

As we know there are some  changes in Top task bar. The session and about computer menus's are integrated to one . Restart , Switch off windows now is separated we have Two window one for restart and another for  Swich off. In the login session , they remove Unity 2D , now there is one default Unity. There some changes i think you can see when you install your Ubuntu 12.10 in your computer.

We have lot of new software updates there , Linux Keranel 3.5.x , Gnome 3.5.x , Nautilus 3.4.2 , Mozilla Firefox 15, Libreoffice , and so more'

Mozilla Firefox 15 

Mozilla Firefox 15 is the default web browser in beta 1 , it added a new feature , inbuilt PDF viewer which disabled in default.We need to enable it manually.It is simple click here to get details.

Unity Preview 

 Unity Preview is one of the new feature in Unity 6 , Which shows a detailed information of software, files , folder.If you want to figure out Unity Preview , goto dash and hover mouse over any apps/files or something clikc right mouse button , you can see Preview

I like Unity Preview very much , It enable as to Uninstall software without using Ubuntu software center.Also we can install New Software without Software center. We don't need software Center any more.

Disk Image Mounter 

It is used to mount .img or .iso files. It open as disk. You can access datas without burning a CD .You can update your software's .


Disk is a utility used  to edit disk partitions. I like this tool because it can used to open MBR ( Master Boot record ) , NTFS , FAT 32 every disk formats.MBR or EFT are not visible in Windows but we can easily mount them and also we can edit inner contents.Really a nice tool for experts.

Ubuntu 12.10 at a glance 

- Linux Kernel

To check this open your Terminal and enter any of these commands

uname -a or cat /proc/version   

-Nautilus 3.4.2 

To check this 

Enter nautilus --version in terminal 

-Mozilla Firefox 15

-Unity 6.4.0 

unity --version 

-Gnome 3.5.x 

-Unity Preview 



Ubuntu 12.10 desktop
Ubuntu 12.10 beta 1 
Unity 6.4 Preview
Unity Preview
Ubuntu Menu
Ubuntu unity Music lens - Music Albums 

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