Saturday, September 22, 2012

Monitor your Internet / Download speed in Windows

Internet speed can be different in each computer even though they have same Internet plan.Speed will depend upon time and modem performance. In Peek time ( 3- 11 pm in India ) we will get lesser speed compare with other time.If our modem is not work well it also decrease speed . In additional to this some virus can also reduce speed , they will use our band width and net effect is less download speed. These days you must have a good anti virus software because of high virus attacks.

Auto Speed tester is one of the best software to monitor Internet speed. It give detail report of our Internet speed .Ok now lets check how we can check our speed.

1. Download Auto speed Tester , and Install it

2. Open Auto Speed Tester

Auto Speed Tester 
3. Click on Run Test ,wait until it finished.

It will dive detail report of Download speed , Upload Speed , PING ms etc..

In addition to  this software, it also has a software JDNetmon , used to monitor real time  Download , Upload speed.
Download : Auto Speed Tester 

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Ahsan said...

I already use DU meter to check net speed but its not free. Thanks for share. I am downloading it

magitha have said...

new news


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