Saturday, September 15, 2012

[How to use] Your own Images in Facebook Chat[Facebook tricks]

Facebook is familiar to  us , Almost everyone Facebook users uses Facebook chat ( aka fbchat) at least  one time.Many of us add Emotions / smilies during chat. Smilies and Emotions are used to express our feeling. It is very too , picture can explain more than thousand words. Below images shows some of smilies used in Facebook.These are very old and every known it . Do you want some new smilies ? Like your own image ?

Here I am going to explain how we can use our own images as smilies .

Check below image

I use my Profile image

Do you know How to make ?

1. First you should create a Facebook page

2. Then slice /cut down your images to separate part

Name it as "1" .."2" and ..."9"....

Save all files to your Hard disc

3. Goto your Facebook page then upload photos

Upload it in the order

Bolded number is the id

Save each id in a Notepad

After that arrange as

[[478774695480973]] [[478774705480972]] [[478774722147637]]
[[478774738814302]] [[478774752147634]] [[478774782147631]]
[[478774795480963]] [[478774812147628]] [[478774835480959]]

First row indicate the first 3 images in a row . We should give "space" in between numbers

For example

<next row=new line>[[478774738814302]] <space>[[478774752147634]] <space>[[478774782147631]]
<next row=new line>[[478774795480963]] <space>[[478774812147628]]<space >[[478774835480959]]

Next rows must start in new line .

Then copy it and paste it in your chat window

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MM Enterprises said...

This is very useful and nice info for make own Facebook image, i like your work. thanks to sharing nice post.

Praveen said...

Thanks for information bro i follow your instruction thanks man.

Anderson said...

they really do work, i tested myself. one thing is that there has to be 2 and only 2 of these or things on both sides and there cannot be spaces or that kinda thing between them.

Anonymous said...

not working on me,' its only appear ? image.

sibin xavier said...

Upload your photos to Facebook pages and not to your profile.And get all ID's

WAPGuy said...

Interesting.. :)
I have just posted another way of using our profile pictures on chat.. using the code like [[profileID]] in my last blog post. But it shows only a very small images.. Your trick is better one eventhough it tooks some effort to create it. thanks. :)


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