Saturday, September 8, 2012

[How to] Personalize Windows 8

[How to] Personalize Windows 8 

Windows 8 is just a few step away from our door step. If everything go fine, we will get new Windows 8 operating system in October. Windows 8 is more customizable than Windows 7. We can install Skin packs and change icons sets etc. Here we are going to show how to customize your Lock screen and Start screen .

Lock screen 

It is the login screen of our computer.Unlike Windows 7 we can customize Lock screen wallpaper.To change Lock screen wallpaper , move your Mouse to right corner.Then You can see Settings Gear  button. Click on settings .

Windows 8 settings

Then click on PC Settings 

You can use existing pictures or you can browse Images from your hard Disk .

If you are completed , Customize Start screen

Start screen customization
You can try different color combination and patterns

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