Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[How to] Install Start menu in Windows 8- Windows 8 Tricks

Windows 8 doesn't have start menu , where we have used start menu from Windows 95 ( or older ) to latest Windows 7. Every Windows are very familiar with Start menu.But in Windows 8 we miss Start menu. Start menu is replaced in the new Microsoft  Metro Desktop/ Modern Desktop design. It will make some difficult to it's users. For example Office users , DTP specialists , they need start menu , simple to get everything than new design . It is very annoy to move mouse pointer to one side  all the time to get apps, Keyword shortcuts will reduce difficulties to an extend , but still it seemed to be  a difficult. Start menu is the easiest tool to get all apps. Improved start menu in Windows 7 make it more easy. This make Windows 7  to a most successful , user friendly Operating system after Windows XP.

Will windows 8 turn out to be the next windows vista?-share your thoughts in comment section

 Why Microsoft did this ?

We can't blame microsoft. In this time where desktop gets losing its demand may be it is a good decision for them to focus on tablets which have high demand.

You can Install Start menu using some other 3rd party software

How to Install Start menu

1 . Install Start8 for Windows 8 (2.4 MB)

2.You don't need Restart.

3.Once installation complete , you can see Start menu in task bar.

Windows 8 start menu
Start menu for Windows 8


Windows 7 style Start menu with Windows 8 enhancements
Users can search for Windows 8-style (Metro) apps with it
Users can pin desktop and Metro apps
Full support for Jump Lists
Unified Search
Users can boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop
Fast access to shut down, devices, music, documents, videos
Automatically matches color to the color of the taskbar
Start button is now skinnable
Optionally disable the desktop "hot spots"
Supports WindowFX 5.1 startmenu animations "currently in beta"
The Windows 8 Start screen becomes accessible from the Start menu
Start menu size fully configurable
Adds option for WinKey to show fullscreen Metro desktop

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