Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Enable Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10  is not like it's predecessor , it has two faces , metro and default. Many people believe that IE is a worse Browser. It is true in some cases. But latest IE 10 has lot of improvements in all categories. It has improved Graphic support , HTML5 ,CSS3 and J Query support.  So we are talking that IE 10 is not a browser that can be ignored.

Latest version IE 10 add a new feature called Tracking Protection , It prevent ads companies tracking . Many browser , like Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome has this feature but they add it as a optional one. Using Tracking method , Ads companies can  collect data's related to our interests and favorites. Using these data's they will show ads optimized for us. This way we click more on ads and they will get more money. It is one type of Privacy violation ... So Microsoft add a Blocking feature in IE10. Here i will explain how can  we  enable Tracking Protection .

1. Click on the setting button

Safety - Tracking Protection

Tracking Protection ( Left side ) ->
Select Your Personlized List
Then Click on settings ( bottom )

Select " Automatically block "  then OK

Now you enabled Tracking Protection , You will not track by any ads companies software. You can keep your datas safely.

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MM Enterprises said...

Wow what a great & nice information regarding Internet Explorer 10 to Enable Tracking Protection, this is very useful & nice function, thanks to sharing nice update.

Ahsanul Karim said...

I am sure Internet Explorer 10 tracking protection feature will increase its users


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