Monday, September 10, 2012

[How to] Enable inBuilt PDF viewer in Mozilla Firefox using Mozilla Add Ons

Mozilla Firefox 15 seemed to be the best Web browser for all platforms.Unlike old versions it need less System resources like Processor and RAM . Many new features also added to Developer tools, for non geeks this is not help because these tools are for Web designers , may be you are only a user like me. The most interesting feature of new Mozilla is it's inbuilt PDF viewer , it can replace Adobe plugins . We don't need Adobe reader to read pdf files. But sad thing is that it is under testing , it is not available default. But you can manually enable this features. For non geeks editing Mozilla preference may be a big thing , they may afraid to do this . For non geeks we have Mozilla add ons to Enable this feature.

How to Enable Mozilla PDF viewer using Add On 

1. Install this add ons

2. Restart your browser

3. Browse any PDF files and it will automatically open inbuilt pdf viewer


It has beautiful User interface , from the top-right corner we can download pdf files .Zooming and navigations buttons are available on the top side.

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Praveen said...

Very nice & good information regarding PDF file view without any software installed, this is very good & useful information, thanks to sharing nice info.

MM Enterprises said...

Wow very easy way to view pdf file without any software. this is a informative post.


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