Monday, September 3, 2012

How to Enable the Inbuilt PDF reader in Mozilla Firefox 15

Do you have Mozilla Firefox 15 ? Why you don't download it ? Mozilla Firefox is one of the best best web browser for your PC, Mobile and Tablet. Latest version , Mozilla Firefox 15 , has a number of new features , but they are disabled in default. In order to use , we need to enable it manually. First and most important new feature is Inbuilt PDF viewer , you don't need to install Adobe plugins to read your favorite pdf's from internet.Mozilla Firefox 15 has it's own PDF viewer, which need to enable manually.

How to Enable Mozilla Firefox 15's inbuilt PDF viewer 

1. Open your Mozilla Firefox 15

If you didn't have ! Download from here 

2. Type


in the address bar

3. Click on I'll be careful , I Promise 

4. Type PDF in the search box and start search



How to Enable Hidden features in Firefox 15

6.Click on pdfjs.disabled  ( Double click ) then you will get custom settings , true become false

How to enable hidden features in Firefox 15

7. Restart your Mozilla Firefox 15

You can download pdf file , you can use download button on the top right side

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Ahsanul Karim said...

wow..I have never seem inbuilt pdf reader in Firefox. I'll enable it soon. Thanks for share


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