Thursday, September 6, 2012

[How to] Change Windows icon sets in Windows 8 -Windows 8 tricks

Windows 8 is an upcoming Operating System , but we are already busy with Windows 8 to publish some fresh tricks. Windows 8 has lot of new changes from Windows 7 , but still they use similar icon set . If you have bored with Windows default icons , you can  change them.Here we are talking about How to change Icon sets in Windows 8 in a single clicks. You can use as many icon sets , no limit.Most of the icon sets are free , you can try all.

Follow these steps 

1. Download IconPackager ( 40mb - it is not free , but you can download trial version)

2. Install it

3. Open Icon packager

4. Choose your favorite icons from the list or download more from WinCustomize website

// WinCustomize website host thousand of mind blowing icons , you can download them free.

How to change icons in Windows 8
5. Choose any icon sets , then click on Apply Changes or Apply icon package

How to add new icon sets 

1. Download new icon sets from WinCusomize 

2. Add icon package 

3. Install from Disk or Download from WinCustomize - use any one

Change icon sets in Windows 8
New icon sets in Windows 8
Windows 8 icon changer
New icon set for Windows 8

Download new icons and apply it .

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