Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[How to] add Twitter Follower Box in Your Blog/Website

Twitter is a popular microblogging site , which is being used by many people across the world. We have Facebook like box  for our blogs and website. Almost all bloggers use this tools in there blogs to get fans. It seemed to be the best method to get lot of fans. But Twitter didn't has this type of widget, it only have different size twitter buttons , most of the twitter buttons open new window when we click on it.Twitter Like box work same like Facebook Like box , we can see thumbnail of our followers . The same algorithm used here to make Twitter like box. Here we will explain how to add Twitter widgets in your blog.

This can applied in any kind of website or blogs.Like Facebook Like box , it didn't open any pop up windows. Working is same like Facebook Like Box . Here you can see images , we also added a Demo site , twitter like box placed at the top right side.

Twitter Follower Box
Twitter Like Box

1. Goto your blog

2. Layout -> Add a Widget ( New )
    Design ->Page Elements -> Add new Widget

3. Add HTML/Java script 

4. Copy below code and paste it

5. Replace "7chipcom" with your your username

Example : My Twitter name is 7chip @7chipcom
url is

6. Save it
7. Open your web page/ blog


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Latest Govt Jobs said...

Great tutorial to add twitter follower box in the blog.I am going to add in my website.Thanks for sharing here.

Ahsan said...

nice tips to add Twitter gadget in website. It looks like Facebook like box :)

Praveen said...

Wow very good & useful information regarding add twitter follower box in our blog, i like your info, thanks to sharing nice info.

MM Enterprises said...

Nice & useful update, i like your efforts.

Jaison Xavier said...


kristy sue said...

Thanks for your useful tips. Always tweet something useful and interesting. Increase your visibility in the network. Follow some community and make them follow you.

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