Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Social Media Can Be Useful In Growing Your Business

Social networking portals have now become a vital part of everyone’s life in the last 5 years with Twitter and Facebook in the forefront. People now prefer making use of these social networking portals to discover, communicate and stay updated. In case you are an online business owner, but you are not making use of the social networking portals such as Facebook and Twitter then you are actually losing hundreds and thousands of prospects.
How To Promote?
One of the approaches related to marketing is Word of Mouth; Facebook and Twitter are such portals that utilize this approach. It is all dependent on you as how do you make choose where you should be taking your business, by location, price or perhaps by suggestions and recommendations? Many of us would prefer opting for the recommendation option from our family and friends, all those people who we actually trust. If your family members or friends had a good customer experience with a particular business then they are more likely to mention it to their family members and friends, and considering the fact that mostly people now use Online portals to communicate and especially social media, you simply cannot afford to be involved with Facebook or Twitter in a bad sense.

Word Of Mouth
With the WOM approach over the social networking portals you can actually rapidly build up a happy and contented client list. For instance, if you are considering dining out at a newly opened restaurant, you would certainly prefer checking the reviews over the Internet, like many others, you will type the restaurant’s name into Google, if you get mainly positive reviews, that is simply great, but if you search through Facebook and Twitter pages, and still find positive ones, it indicates that they really had a good experience and they took some time out to go to Facebook or Twitter pages to LIKE and FOLLOW them.
Your Own Page!
Having a Twitter or Facebook account also means that you will be able to stay in touch with all your clients, both present as well as your prospects, you can easily send out emails and messages with all your latest promotions and deals completely for free. This kind of marketing is outstanding as you are penetrating a certain demographic, if you send out Adverts or flyers in your local newspaper, all you are doing here is advertising on a random basis which means that you are marketing your products to all demographics, but with the use of social media portals you can market to people who you know would be interested in your products or services as they have visited earlier.
People have a large number of friends over the Internet so when they Follow or Like your business, friends in their lists will also notified of their activity, so from a single person you will be able to grab various of their online friends, and all this for doing simply nothing, that is what we call as the power of the Web, it never sleeps so your entity will be marketing 24/7.

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MM Enterprises said...

Yeap your are right today Social Media make a very important roll for business, i like your post.

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Thanks mt friend for comments. Social media are very important for Business , Because we can find market and trends via Facebook like social media sites.


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