Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Download] iOS6 Transformation/Skin pack for Windows 8 - Windows 8 tricks

iOS is the operating system for both Apple iPhone and iPad. It is one of the most popular and efficient os . One of the unique feature of Apple products is it's Interface. Apple User Interface is better than any other companies.iOS 6 transformation (aka Skin pack ) pack is for Windows 8 operating system which will release in a couple of weeks.

iOS has unique and beautiful user interface.This is a Transformation pack to make Windows 8 as iOS .

[Images ]

Windows 8 Skin packs
iOS 6 Transformation Desktop

Windows 8 iOS look
iOS Skinpack for Windows 8 - Windows 

Windows 8 as iOS 6
iOS Skin pack

iOS 6 windows 8
Windows 8 Skinpacks

Download :
Windows 8 64 bit 
Windows 8 32 bit
Windows 7

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Praveen said...

Yes, you are right iOS very useful for Windows 8.

MM Enterprises said...

Very good information regarding iOS with screen shot, i like your work. thanks to sharing nice post.

Softech Microsystems said...

Nice site, its great article informative post, thanks for sharing it. Thanks for the information!


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