Friday, September 21, 2012

Comparison: Windows 8 vs. Mac X Mountain Lion

Apple and Microsoft are the best develop of operating systems. Besides, these corporations have recently presented updates versions of Oss – Windows 8 and Mac X Mountain Lion.
If to generalize, they are different in their technical sides, but they have a lot visible things in common. The most evident thing that brings them together is the attempt of the developers to make them close to mobile system. Microsoft has presented an operation system that will be totally compatible with all tablets and smartphones. Apple has delivered various OSs for mobile gadgets and pcs, Mac X Mountain Lion and iOS 6 respectively.
But let’s compare some other sides of these OSs.

Start Screens
Windows 8 has got rid of traditional starting menu and taskbar. Live Tiles, some application icons, replaced them. These icons will open a fast access to the programs. However, also you can come back to a familiar layout.
Mac has a usual screen layout with menu bar and desktop wallpaper. Mountain Lion has a newly developed Launchpad function that presents you program to choose from.
Live Tiles aren’t only application icons, but they have the function of widgets to get the info. Another way Windows 8 delivers notifications is banners and pop-up of the programs.
OS X Mountain Lion’s notification is performed by Notification Center that gathers all warnings and notes. The users of Maс also have an option of pop-up notifications and of numerical data shown in dock icons.
App Markets
Microsoft and Apple App markets are almost the same. However, Microsoft allows users’ trial testing of the applications.
File Search and Management
Finder option is left in Mac X Mountain Lion OS. It has got little betterments in comparison with earlier versions.
Windows 8 presents file management in two systems: Windows Explorer and new Metro Interface. The latter is used for a non-complicated search; meantime Explorer has received an update in form of a Ribbon toolbar and will fit better for advanced file management. The only inconvenience here is the necessity to switch between these two systems.
iCloud in Mac and SkyDrive in Windows perform the clouding. They are both free, they both have data sync functions and they both give the space for file storing – 5GB from iCloud and 25GB from SkyDrive.
But it should be noted that iCloud has a rather limited search among files functions in comparison with SkyDrive which functions just like any other application.
Social integration
Socializing is the process that is observed everywhere in tech world. And these OSs haven’t become an exception. But Mac has a tighter one, including Twitter and Facebook connections. Windows 8 primary uses Outlook model for people’s interaction.
Both, Windows 8 and Mac X Mountain Lion are very powerful OSs, they the most technologically advanced systems. However, if to have a closer look at them, you see that Windows 8 have some advantages over Mac Lion. Do you agree?
Author Info
This is a guest post by Kate Merzlova, a copywriter from Intellectsoft, an iOS development company.  If you want to find out more about me and my work, read the blog.

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MM Enterprises said...

Very nice & good Comparison between Windows 8 vs. Mac X Mountain Lion, i like your comparison, i like your effort.

J Charron said...

Thank you for your diligent review of these two Os's. I would like to offer my services as an editor to you. There were several sections of your well thought out review that I found unreadable due to grammatical errors.


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