Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Banks in India with iPhone NetBanking

iMobile | ICICI Mobile Banking
iMobile is the official mobile banking app from ICICI bank in India. All transactions of ICICI bank can be done through the mobile app. iMobile provides a very secure platform for a variety of banking applications like funds transfer, bill payments, travel booking, make prepaid mobile recharges etc. There are also other informational services like locating ICICI bank ATM etc. If you are going to visit the best tourist places in Munnar and you want to locate at ATM there you can easily do it with this app.

The application can be used with Savings bank, Demat, Credit Card and Loan accounts. Since most of the companies use ICICI bank as their salary account most professionals who use iPhone have already downloaded and used this app. iMobile mobile banking facility from ICICI is provided free of charge to customers. You can also maintain your personal wallet using this app.

Mobanking | HDFC Mobile Banking

HDFC bank provides you netbanking facilities through HDFC Bank Mobanking iPhone app. All banking transactions can be done using this app. You can pay utility bills, credit card bills etc. You can check your account statements and fixed deposit summaries. You can make fund transfers to other bank branches as well using NEFT/RTGS payment gateways. You can also request statements, cheque book etc.

Free Netbanking apps for iPhoneYou need your customer ID and IPIN number to begin mobile banking with this app.You have to be registered for HDFC NetNaking Login before you get the customer ID and IPIN.
State Bank Freedom
State Bank provides secure mobile banking gateway through State Bank Freedom. Like all other mobile banking apps you can send and receive money from your loved ones,  pay bills, make mobile recharges all at any time 24x7 throughout the week. If you want to book tickets to visit the top places in Goa you can go ahead with netbanking using State Bank Freedom iPhone app.

But there are several problems with this app. It needs a high speed internet to perform the transcations. Users have reviewed that this app doesn’t work over WiFi. It always crashes. So you need a high speed GPRS or 3G to work this app. Also the app requires SMS verifications at all points so you will always need cellular connection range to do mobile banking.

Breeze India | Standard Chartered Bank India

Breeze India is the mobile banking app from Standard Chartered Bank. Breeze India was recently made available on Apple Appstore. You manage your finance relationship with Standard Chartered Bank anytime and anywhere with Breeze India for iPhone. Like anyother mobile banking app you can pay your utility bills, transfer funds to other bak accounts, view account and credit card details, book flight tickets, recharge mobile phones. So if you want to book travel tickets to visit the best beaches in Goa you can use this app. There are also other informational services like locating an ATM etc. You can manage a couple of bank accounts with this app and and you can use unique icons and nicknames for your accounts.

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MM Enterprises said...

Very Detailed & explainable information regarding iPhone NetBanking in India, this is a very useful & good system provide by bank. thanks to sharing nice info.

Praveen said...

Very useful & helpful information regarding NetBanking provided by Banks in India, i like your work.

sibin xavier said...

Thanks MM Enterprise and Praveen for your valuable comments

Govt Jobs said...

Nice post..I am using Android mobile so please post the list of bank that provides net banking for Android operating system.

sibin xavier said...

Thanks for your support. I will add Android apps soon. Keep touch with us

Founder@WorldTravel said...

CitiBank and HSBC may also be included in this list as i find them good too :). Yeah I've my accounts in them from past 5 years and find their services better

Lavanya Sethi said...

I am Lavanya.N holding ICICI account in Delhi Vikaspuri Branch branch for more than four years. On 11th of December 2012, myaccount statement showed that there were three VPS transaction made using my ICICI Debit card. But the card was with me. So Immediately I called customer care and asked to block my card to stop further invalid transactions happening from my card.
When I enquired customer care, I was asked to file a fraudulent case and as said I gave a complaint about this issue in Police station on 12th Dec 2012. And on further enquiry with ICICI customer care I came to know that all the three VPS transaction was made in 3 different shops in Bangalore.
Hereby I kindly request you to take necessary action to find out the fraudulent that has happened and help me in getting back my money which is altogether a total sum of Rs.5640/- .
Following are the transactions made in Bangalore.
No Value Date Transaction Date Description Withdrawals Available balance Time
11/12/2012 11/12/2012 VPS/SMART-NANDI/20110111124321/0 2,330.00 6,920.66 12.44
11/12/2012 11/12/2012 VPS/TRINETHRA S/20110111130344/0 2,310.00 4,610.66 13.04
11/12/2012 11/12/2012 VPS/KANTI SWEET/20110111164251/0 1,000.00 3,610.66 16.43
Please help me in finding this fraudulent transaction that has happened from my ICICI account. I have also filed a complaint in ICICI as well as in
Consumer Court but so far no action has been taken on this case.


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