Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why you should blog from smartphone?

Blogging as an income

All of us try to find an additional source of income to supplement our needs. It is always said that blogging is a passive source of income that may go along with our job or studies for additional income. But there is a very big problem with blogging. You will get good revenue from it only if blogging is done regularly. This means that you have to regularly keep posting fresh good and relevant content into your blog. 

Keep blogging continuously

Effective keyword research, social bookmarking backlinking, regular posting and all counts but most popular and important rule for blogging is "Content is King". So it is quite required that you have to find enough time to regularly and timely keep posting new, relevant and fresh content into your blogs. If you are blogging about iPad Mini specs you have to continuously keep posting about it. This is very much perfect for people simply sitting at home but not for students and professionals who spend lots of time in college or office. They will not get time for continuous blogging effort as get absorbed into their office or class room schedules. This force them to stop blogging for good or drop blogging for a short while. Whatever happens they will lose the returns that they are supposed to get from the hardwork they did previously. 

Use your smartphone for blogging

So as a rule for blogger you have to find time to blog regularly. If you get accustomed to blogging from a smartphone, you will not have take efforts to find additional time for it. Blogging will then easily take the role of a gap filler in your busy office or classroom schedules. Whenever you get some free time while sitting leisurely in your office or college you can take you smartphone and start typing about  the ideas and thoughts that came to your minds previously. Thus blogging will never turnup to be a burden for you. Blogging will go automatically as it will find time for itself by consuming the small gaps that comes in between your daily schedules. Thus you will be able to keep your blog ongoing however busy you may be with how much ever tight schedule you may have. Thus you will get so much of time for entertainment like watching upcoming tamil movie Maattrraan (Maatran) and parallelly never have to compromise on your side revenue that you get from your blog.

About the author 

This article is written by Arun Thomas who is interested to write about technology like iPhone iPad Sony Xperia. He also writes about India like  beaches, churches in goa, India

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Anderson said...

Yes Arun, I agree with you that blogging content should be posted regularly and must be fresh. the most important thing is it should be original content and not "borrowed" from the web.


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