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Unlocking Phones: Why and How

Unlocking Phones: Why and How

A lot of people across the globe are also mobile phone users. A good bunch of them may have stumbled upon the problem of unlocking phones to save money and to make the phone useful even after the contract with a network company has ended.

Why Unlock your Phone?

 Before we give you a guideline on the actual process, we will first give you an idea why people would like to unlock phones. There are two common reasons.

The first, as was mentioned above, is to make the phone useful still even after a contract with a network provider has expired. Mobile phones carry a serial number that connects them to a specific network. That means, they are mostly built to work only on a removable SIM (Subscriber Information Module) from that network. You can change SIM but you cannot switch to another network because the phone will not acknowledge it.

Some people pile up mobile phones because once their contract with a network service expires and they did not mean to renew it, the phone that came with signing up for the service will have to be left behind on the shelf. There should not be a problem if the subscriber sticks to the network. The problem starts when they deemed another service to be better.

People can save a lot of money from buying new phones over and over again if the one they own can be used with any other SIM. That’s where the importance of unlocking phones comes in.

Another reason that people would want to learn tips for unlocking phones is when it gets blocked due to entering the wrong password. Some phone users install a code to control others from invading their phones. Then again, it is also common for them to forget the password. Entering the wrong code thrice will make their phones candidate for becoming useless.

The good news is, there are services that could rescue you from such a mess. You can bring your phone to a nearby service center and have it unlocked. But you may also learn the ways of unlocking phones and do it yourself.

How to Unlock Phones

Before we teach you how to unlock phones and give you tips on how to do it successfully, allow us to clear some things up. Unlocking phones is not illegal, as some people may have impressed. Unless you are still bounded with a contract to your service provider, you can do whatever you want to do with it. It is your phone, you paid for it, you can do whatever you like.

When unlocking phones to make it available for other SIMs and other network providers, you simply need a code. Mostly, such a code can be obtained after you have identified the brand and model of your handset, its network, and its IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity. After that, you can find websites that offer service for unlocking phones. Other times, they offer the service for free. The rest of the time, they ask for a minimum amount. After processing your details, you will be given a code and presto, you can use the phone with any other network!

In case your handset requires more than a code, you may have to bring it to a nearby service provider. Some manufacturers caution phone users that modifying the handset may mean letting go of its warranty. That’s why it is best to choose a technical professional from the same company that made the phone to secure the process.

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