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Troubleshooting Common Linux Problems

Troubleshooting Common Linux Problems

Developed initially as an operating system for the Intel based computers, this free and open source software has really evolved into a great shape. Serving over millions of users in multiple platforms including Smartphone, tablets, computers and supercomputers, Linux is definitely one of the best and favorite operating systems. But, being a software program, it also faces a lot of issues of its own. And Linux, with its own style of functioning makes it a little harder for people to understand and troubleshoot the issues. But, with the assistance of these solutions given below, you can easily come out of the common errors.

Linux is no more the primary boot:

    A set of software programs called as Distros (a.k.a Distributions) are responsible for a number of functions in newer Linux. When you install Linux, the distros in the OS will recognize the presence of other operating systems and setup a dual boot option accordingly. But when you reinstall Windows, what happens is, Windows removes Linux as the primary booting option by rewriting the Bootloader files. So, if you want to bring back Linux as your primary OS, just load the OS CD, revive the bootloader and choose Run from the terminal. The installer will recognize the loader and the problem will be solved automatically.

Issues with the Graphic Cards:

    One of the biggest issues in Linux arises with the graphic cards and their drivers. Linux has a preloaded graphic card driver which it uses for most of its functions. But, this does not apply to the cards of ATI and Nvidia. The problem arises, when the OS uses its own drivers to render graphics and 3D images. Thus, to resolve this issue, all you have to do is just identify the make and model of your graphic card and install the driver of that particular card. The product manufacturers mostly offer drivers over their websites that can be downloaded and used. . Thus, when you install, the driver automatically makes changes in the preloaded Linux graphic driver file and implements it. So, your OS will now be ready for some real graphics!

Vanishing Desktop:

    When you install the latest version of the Distro, the system reboots. Post its reboot, all that will appear on your monitor is a plain black screen with a login display. The primary reason behind this is that your graphics card would have gone unrecognized. So, as a solution, simply login as the administrator In the Distro configuration box. From the window (usually a text based configuration box) that appears, select your graphics and monitor. The issue will be resolved.

The hardware issues:

    There are high possibilities that your new device will not function on your Linux. The reason being the hardware drivers! If you notice, the CD that comes with your new gadgets does not contain the drivers for Linux. This is because; the drivers are already present in the form of Kernel modules. So, all you have to do is just recognize the hardware and the modules will load automatically just like the graphic driver issues. Just look up the internet for a comprehensive range of commands and instructions to identify hardware type and other general prompts. Use the instructions, type it up and just witness the issue getting resolved.

Speed up your Linux:

    There are times when everything around you seems to run fast, except your computer. This slowness may be due to processing cycles, memory space or lesser hard disk space. As a solution, you can use one of the many free fastening software that indeed help in speeding up your machine. Also, manually uninstall the unwanted software packages and disable unused services. This will largely help and you can actually feel the difference.

No doubt that Linux is one of the best open source operating systems around, but its compiler based functionalities make it look a bit difficult. Nevertheless, as long as you have troubleshooting tips and resolving resources around, your Linux would be just fine!

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