Sunday, August 5, 2012

Steve Job was very receptive towards 7 inch iPad

Apple is now going through a very critical stage. The things have changed , more and more companies started to release their new, featured tablets in the markets . Samsung was the first one , and then followed by a dozen of other companies. During the last month, two tech giants Microsoft and Google introduced their new tablets. We can ignore Google Nexus as it is not a new concept and it looks like the existing tablets. But Microsoft Surface can make changes. It has got new looks and has new features . We can expect a tech war between Apple and Microsoft in future. In this situation Apple might take some steps , Mini iPad is one of them. Apple's latest reports says that it is not a new concept, Steve Jobs also wanted to make a mini version of iPad. According to the The Verge, Steve Jobs was very receptive towards mini tablets.

Apple has not yet mentioned anything about when they bring mini iPad , but it won't be so long. As per the rumors, we can expect Apple iPad at the end of this fall, following Apple iPhone, and iOS 6.

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