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SSD Data Recovery: The advantages and disadvantages of using SSD versus HDD

Solid State Drives (SSD) are gaining popularity, with most users favoring them due to their speed and the ease in SSD data recovery. The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is, however, not close to becoming obsolete and is still a widely accepted storage component, if not the most widely used.

With so much talk on SSDs, many computer users are now switching to it. Before you make that switch, it is important to find out the difference between the two storage devices. The following are the pros and cons of the hard disk drive as well as the solid state drive.

Hard Disk Drive

Having been around for years, HDD gives the computer user a lot of leeway when it comes to storage. It is however not without faults, below are the benefits and disadvantages of the HDD.Generally, hard disk drives are known for their large storage capacity. An internal hard drive can give you a storage capacity of up to 4TB. Hard drives also happen to be the cheaper alternative when it comes to megabyte storage space. On the other hand, the hard drive does have its fair share of disadvantages.

It has the slowest speed in comparison to other storage devices which tend to instantly access data. The hard drive also has movable parts such as a delicate head assembly and spinning platters which mean that strong movement may lead to damages that will affect your work. Another disadvantage of the hard drive is the fact that as it demeans with age. This may sometimes lead to mechanical failures and subsequent data loss.

Solid State Drives

A lot of compelling information is now available on SSD data recovery and why we should use them as opposed to hard drives. The following are some of the pros and cons of solid state drives.

The failure rate of SSDs is about the same as the hard drives, so is it really any better for storing your data? Even with the lack of movable parts, which largely contribute to mechanical failures on hard drives, SSD are very prone to failure due to firmware corruption and electrical issues.

SSDs read and process data quickly, which gives a faster performing computer. Another advantage of the SSD is that it is pleasantly quiet without the noise usually heard when data is retrieved from the hard disk drive. Currently, SSDs have less storage space, which has proven to be a limitation for heavy computer users. As is the case with most new products in the market, the price of SSDs is much higher than that of hard drives.

When it comes to SSD data recovery, the process is more complex because the technology is still new and it is way more expensive than even most difficult hard drive recovery cases,  too. The use of Sandforce Controller to encrypt data in SSDs makes recovery difficult if not impossible in many cases, simply makes SSD a weak competitor for ultimate storage solution. I would never want to be stuck in the situation knowing that no money in the world will be able to get my data back due from failed device that had been hardware encrypted.


Ultimately, the choice of whether to settle on the traditional hard drive or opt for the new storage SSD method will depend on why and how you use your computer. A wise move would be to weigh the pros and cons of both, putting into consideration the kind of computer you use. A major point to consider would be both hard disk data recovery as well as SSD data recovery.

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