Thursday, August 16, 2012

5 Reasons to blog from iPhone

Personal data is secure

Apple iOS is more secure when compared to Android.
For blogging and keeping in contact with your readers and fellow bloggers you will have to give your passwords and other confidential data to third part. When you download apps through iTunes it is guaranteed that all your passwords and confidential information are secure. But android devices this is not the case. Android is very insecure and is prone to attacks from viruses and malwares like spywares from the web.

Fast computing with the best performance
iOS is always better and faster than possibly any other smartphone OS including android. This is mainly due to the absence of Malwares like spywares and other viruses that degared he system. iPhone thus gets a perfect and best performance throughout. When you decide to start blogging from smartphone its always adviced to go for iPhone. If you decide then wait to pre-order iPhone 5 from Verizon or AT&T

Latest apps and the latest versions
Most of the apps are first introduced for iOS. This is because developers are paid very well by Apple. Also the lasted versions are first launched for Apple. This means that when Blogger app is going to be updated most likely the iOS app is going to be coded out first.

Best Typing Experience
Typing the main important task of blogging since that if you are blogging about Aguada Beach in North Goa you will have to type hundreds and thousands of words per day to create fresh and unique content for your blog. iOS keyboard is ever the best keyboard with Auto-Correction and Check Spelling facilities built into it. Though HTC UI keyboard almost comes into the range of iOS keyboard its not up to the mark.

Better battery life
Blogger will have to use internet on the go while they are blogging. Using 3G or WiFi will drain your battery life very quickly. But for most android devices the battery drain issues are very more when compared to iPhone. That’s why its always preferred to use iPhone for people who remain connected to net over 3G or WiFi.

About the author
Kat Leo, the author of this article is a blogger from India and loves writing about Banking, Share Investment in India. He also writes about smartphones and tablets like iPad, iPhone, Sony Xperia etc.

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