Thursday, August 2, 2012

Opera 12.01 has released - latest

Opera has released version 12.01 today.It has added a number of new features than it's predecessor.One of the most interesting features it's Web cam support. Opera and Webcam ? Yes Webcams are now integrated to Opera browser.With Opera 12, your favorite sites can use your computer’s webcam to take photos from the browser. Set a new profile picture in your social network or just see what you look like with a moustache!.Is it interesting ? tell as How you like this feature!.

Other Features of new Opera 12.01

New Opera 12.10
New opera 12.01

Faster than ever : Opera 12 gets you online in record time, with improvements that mean faster startup and quick page loading. Thanks to responsive tab loading sequences, you can start up or shut down in the blink of an eye. Pages also load faster while you’re browsing.

Easy Customization : Make Opera yours with a whole new set of themes. Design your own or use one of the options we have ready. Change the look of the browser as often as you want — all it takes is one click. You don’t even need to restart!.

Experimental hardware acceleration WebGL support : Opera will now be able to use your computer’s graphics card for extra processing power in the form of hardware acceleration. This supercharged boost makes intensive web applications and games run even better. Learn how to enable WebGL and hardware acceleration.

New web standards support : We are also launching support for WebRTC, HTML5 Drag and Drop, CSS3 Animations and Transitions, Do-Not-Track and CSS Generated Content for Paged Media. This will provide richer functionality to web developers and an improved experience for end users.

Download opera 12.01
Opera 12.01 

Download Opera 12.01

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Nice update regarding Opera 12.01 it is very good update, i like it.


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