Saturday, August 18, 2012

Miro - Free Video converter

Yesterday we published a new video on YouTube , How to save YouTube video in your computer without downloading , it is a 4.4 minute length video .After recording this video we save in our computer as an avi file with size 54MB. We have only 512kbps band width , so it will take more than 20-30 minute to upload. We need to reduce it's size to upload .We search for some converter and finally  got Miro converter , a simple and efficient converter.Size of this file is only 6 MB or less. Miro converter convert our video to webm format , we check the size of new file, amazing ... only 6.24 MB without losing it's quality. We got same 720p video after converting.


- Simple Interface

- Input
  Any video format

- Output format

   Mp4 , MP3, Webm and Theora

Supported Devices

Android Phones

Droid / Milestone
Nexus One
Magic / myTouch
Droid Eris
HTC Hero

Apple Devices
iPhone / iPod Touch
iPod Classic
iPod Nano


miro video converter
Miro video converter

Some of the most popular conversions:

Convert to MP4 Video
Convert AVI to MP4
Convert H264 to MP4
Convert MOV to MP4
Convert WMV to MP4
Convert XVID to MP4
Convert Theora to MP4
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Convert FLV to MP4
Convert to Ogg Theora Video
Convert AVI to Ogg Theora
Convert H264 to Ogg Theora
Convert MOV to Ogg Theora
Convert WMV to Ogg Theora
Convert XVID to Ogg Theora
Convert MP4 to Ogg Theora
Convert MKV to Ogg Theora
Convert FLV to Ogg Theora
Convert to WebM
Convert AVI to WebM
Convert H264 to WebM
Convert MOV to WebM
Convert WMV to WebM
Convert XVID to WebM
Convert Theora to WebM
Convert MKV to WebM
Convert FLV to WebM

Miro video converter reduce file size
Left- Original file Right - Converted file using Miro

Output files- Right - Converted file 

Video shown above are output from Miro converter. We also add original files and  size.

Download Miro video converter

Miro video converter- freeware 

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Ahsanul Karim said...

It seems a good video converter. I generally use Xilisoft as a video converter

7chip said...

It is a good converter.We can reduce it size without effecting Quality ( not fully )

Lisa Buben said...

Thanks, good info! Was wondering about that one for a while.

Sibin Xavier said...

Thanks Lisa Buben


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