Monday, August 6, 2012

Linux Mint Nemo - Nautilus 3.4.x fork

The new Nautilus has more disadvantages than advantages. New version of Nautilus is available on Ubuntu 12.10, but it is a beta version which doesn't provide many good features. As an Ubuntu user, we can't accept the new Nautilus which is not suitable with Ubuntu themes. So that many developers like Linux Mint ,who created cinnamon when Gnome 3 failed to kick our head. Cinnamon is the best fork for Gnome 3, it's shouldered with Unity. Now they are going to make Nautlius 3.4.x fork named as Nemo. As we already mentioned Nemo is based on Nautilus 3.4.x and not on Nautilus 3.5 .

Nemo File manager
Visible changes between Nemo and Nautilus 3.4.x

  •     The location entry is visible by default, but it doesn't replace the breadcrumbs - it's displayed under the breadcrumb, and the user can easily show/hide it from the View menu or by using the CTRL + L keyboard shortcut.
  •     Some minor changes have been made to the look and feel - for instance, the sidebar uses a white background

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