Monday, August 6, 2012

Linux Kernel 3.6 RC version is out

Hot news for All Linux fans , RC version of Kernel 3.6 is out.Kernel 3.6 has many new features like 'Suspend to Both' that offers the users hybrid standby memory.This will help the system to retain it's memory contents, both in its working memory and on a system storage device, while its kept on hibernation.

Funny thing is that next Gnome version is 3.6  and next Nautilus version is also 3.6 , now next Kernel version is also 3.6.

The new features added to the Linux 3.6 kernel include: - 

- Merging the VFIO driver.

- EXT4 file-system updates.

- Ivy Bridge CPU Idle support from Intel plus a re-written TurboStat utility and other power management updates.

- EFI handover protocol support.

- Btrfs file-system updates.

- DRM graphics driver updates for Intel, Nouveau, and Radeon.

The VFIO userspace driver framework is mainly added for KVM virtualisation, which will allow guests to use individual PCIe devices without major performance loss or risk to the host. On the other hand, Btrfs, has supports for quotas and gains a send/receive feature, which is mainly used by back-up solutions to determine the difference between snapshots.

Among the graphic driver update, AMN Radeon has got documentation improvements, bug-fixes, ring/locking changes, PCI-E Gen 2.0, and DisplayPort fixes along with PCI Express 2.0 support by default. For Intel, updates for Haswell, GPU reset fixes, DisplayPort fixes, and other are added. There is nothing much for Nouveau in this version.

Download Full Kernel 3.6 RC - Full source ( 78.4 MB)

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