Wednesday, August 1, 2012

inSync - Google Drive software for Ubuntu

Google Drive , as we know it is a Google cloud storage space for Gmail users.It's software version is available for Both Mac and Windows , and they work well.  But What will Linux users do?  Google software for  Google drive is not yet released , no official software for Linux users. Don't worry , inSync will help you to access Google drive on your Linux PC's inSync is not a Google software it is a third party software for accessing Google drive on your Linux Operating System.

Features of inSync 

  •  Multiple Google accounts
  • Offline Google Docs editing
  • Right-click share
  • Recent changes notifications
  • Non-admin Windows install
  • External hard drive support
How to install inSync 

Linux version for inSync is in beta stage , but final release will happened soon.Anyway you can install beta on your Linux Computer.


After downloading bring it to your home folder , this file may be downloaded to your tmp folder

Extract it , again extract it

Open your Terminal , change directory to inSync folder

Run this code

sudo ./insync-installer

inSync installtion
inSync installation 

Enter your password and follow the instructions

After the installation type " insync" on terminal and Enter

Give permission  to access Gmail ( on your Web Browser )

Continue and follow instructions

Give a name and linked it .

Open your Home folder , you can see a blue folder named as insync

Google drive folder on Ubuntu
How to install Google drive on Ubuntu
Google drive on Ubuntu

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