Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Instagram Right On Your Desktop!

Man has always been looking for ways to connect to his loved ones. From sign language to spoken language, he has developed many devices to stay connected to people even farther off. In the era we are living, the magic is everywhere, which connects you to the world all over. Networking sites to video blogs, you get to know what is happening in the lives of the people far off yet who are too close to you that you cannot just live without them. These features have made life so much easier and happier as you hardly miss anything about the lives of people you care.

Instagram is one such application, in the beginning introduced for I phone users and later made available to Android and Mac users, as it became all the rage. This application helps you share your important and interesting moments in the form of pictures with your loved ones and friends not only added in your Instagram account but also on other networking sites like Facebook etc.  This smart app not only captures the beautiful instants of your life but also has chic features, which enables you to edit them in fun ways. Instagram really has helped people share things and moments that could not be put into words, as they say a picture says more than thousand words.

Now that people have become used to this application to the point that they could almost feel deprived and deprived of their loved one's life, the demand for Instagram for personal computers had been pouring in. Although the Instagram had not released a version for Windows system but luckily some programmer has ported Instagram as Instagrille for PC Windows. Just download Instagrille and run it on your PC and you will have your Instagram account on your desktop. It lets you check out your account and stay updated on the field along with popular pictures; however, you cannot search users or edit your account settings.

A second way to make use of Instagram on your computer is through Inkstagram, which lets you not only view your photos and feed but also create albums and search users. This grid view application on your desktop is all you need to stay in touch.

Extragram is another way of accessing Instagram and is very much like Inkstagram but with a few extra features like different viewing options. One major distinction is that it has PicPlz integration along with discovery tag helping you complete your Instagram experience.

You can also check your account from your system with the help of Gramfeed, which has a little too much fluff on it but once you get used to that you see the fun features it provides its users. It not only enables you to check your account and stay updated but it is also connected with Google map and shows the location of the updated photo. Another benefit of this browser is that it gives you the option of keeping your Gramfeed profile private. Hence, you get to experience your favorite application with all its features and on your desktop too.
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