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How to Use SPSS – By Kapil Edke

SPSS is a computer program that is used for performing statistical analyses; the primary vendor for SPSS was originally a company calls Predictive Analytics Software (PASW) Statistics but the company was acquired by IBM in 2010 and now the company is known as SPSS: An IBM Company. The base software of SPSS is also used for data management and documentation; the statistics covered in the base software includes descriptive and bivariate statistics, numerical outcome predictions, and prediction for identifying groups.
There are a number of add-on modules that can be used with it such as SPSS Categories, SPSS Trends, SPSS Conjoint, SPSS Missing Value Analysis, and SPSS Map; SPSS is used in a variety of areas and college students in particular are often required to use it for various projects which requires them to learn it quickly; so if you happen to be a college student or for some other reason find yourself in a situation where you must learn the program quickly, here are a few things you should know about using SPSS.


Laptop or PC


SPSS software


Once you have installed SPSS, open the program by going to the Windows Start menu, click on Program and then SPSS for Windows and the program's Data Editor Window should come up; you should see the list boxes with the variable names in each box. It is easier to navigate if the variable titles appear in alphabetical order so if they are not already in this order, click Edit in the menu, then Options, then General Tap and select Display labels in the variables list group, choose Alphabetical and then click OK twice to update the settings.
Next, open a data file by clicking on File in the menu, then Open, then Data; the Open File box will come from which you can choose a file of your own if you have one, or you can double-click on the Tutorial folder, then the sample file folders, and then click on the file "˜demo.sav' and click open to open this file in the program. Next select View in the menu and then Value Labels.
If you want to run an analysis with SPSS, click Analyze in the menu, then Descriptive Statistics, and then Frequencies; this will open the Frequencies dialog box with icons providing information about the type of data and the level of measurement.


It may seem difficult at first but over time it will become easier to use the program as you become familiar with it, so practice using SPSS until you are comfortable doing so.
SPSS provides a comprehensive system that can analyze data and take any type of file and use the information in the file to compile charts, reports, plots, and trends if that is what you need.

For more information on Using SPSS read How to Use SPSS.
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