Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to use Remote computer using Google chrome

Is it possible to access your friends Computer from your Home using Google chrome ! Sound like crazy. You can access your friends computer with his permission.Google develop a Remote desktop sharing extension for Google chrome. Now it is in beta stage . Size of this extension of  Chrome apps is 25 mb .You use it for 2 purpose , you can access others computer and can control your computer from other places.

Access other's computer using Google chrome
Google chrome remote desktop
 You can see 3 option

Share : When you click on it , you will get a number , that is your computer address, your friends can access your computer if they know this number. Number will invalid after a few minute , so connect as soon as possible.

Access : You can access your friends computer if you know there number.

Get started: You can access your computer from a remote location.

Tell your friends to install same application on there PC , then ask for ID , you can access there Computer if you know there ID

Download Chrome Remote Desktop bete

Requirement : Google Chrome

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Ahsanul Karim said...

wow..its an amazing extension by Chrome. But I think to access this remote extension we need to have high speed net connection


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