Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to shorten your Google plus profile address

Google plus is one of the fast growing social networking sites, i hope it is true.Google has some useful features like Google plus Hangout , Events and so on... One of the features that made me like Google plus is it's interface - beautiful, trendy and a white page with mind blowing icons..But i hate one thing , profile link ,i have facebook and my profile address is www.facebook.com/sibinx.but my Google plus address is

big number sequence.It is very difficult to remember this number sequence.Many time i hope to get an address like Facebook and searched for a long time. Finally i got , but the problem is that it is not from Google, it is from third party site called gplus.to

Do you want to shorten your Google plus profile address ?

How to shorten your Google plus address

1. Visit Gplus
2.Enter your Nick name and Google plus ID

3. Use your Gplus link

You can use this address  instead of original Google plus address

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