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How to scan computer using AVG on Ubuntu/Linux for Virus

AVG is one of the famous security software companies in the world . They have been providing  security softwares for Windows ,mac, Linux and Android OS. They also have both Business and  Home versions of all products. Here we are talking about Linux version. AVG for linux will make it user sad because it doesn't have a Graphical interface. Absence of Graphical interface makes everything too difficult.Learning the terminal commands by heart is the only way to do the required actions.

Below commands are used to run AVG


How to scan file / Directories using AVG on Ubuntu/Linux

1.  Open Terminal

2. Mount your all Disk partitions

Antivirus on Ubuntu

3. Enter this command

cd /


cd /media

press enter

then enter these commands
avgscan * -- is used to scan all files and directories

avgscan file name/directory name - is used to scan specific files and folders

avgupdate - is used to update your antivirus , it is very important you should update it regularly

How to scan entire folder and files /Full system scanning except filesystem ( where ubuntu stores it's data's and applications)

Mound all disk partitions

Open terminal

Enter this command

avgscan //media/*

AVG antivirus software for Linux
AVG full system scanning 

To scan your Home , Download folder ,Video etc..

Scan virus on Ubuntu
Home directories scanning 

Note: While performing scanning your system consume more resources and power , it make your system slow.

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