Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Repair Zune Media Player

The Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player is among the many media players being sold in the market today. Now in case you have encountered some problems with your Zune, here is a guide on how to repair Zune media player.

Disassembling the Gen1 Microsoft Zune 30GB Digital Media Player:

1. Prepare for tools like flathead exacto razor, safe open case tool and a Phillips screw driver to open your Zune.
2. First you need to remove the dock port spacer using the flathead razor located below the unit. Flip the dock port spacer on the side.
3. You can now remove the 2 screws on each side using a Phillips screw driver.
4. Use the safe open case tool between the small gaps to open the casing safely. Does not force to open the case on the headphone jack part because you might break the board area.

5. You can now remove the rear casing to gain access on the battery and hard drive panels.
6. To remove the hard disk, remove the 4 screws surrounding it.
7. Flip up the battery clip to remove the batteries.
8. Remove the connector slip for the click wheel and the battery.
9. After removing the hard drive, you will have the access to the rest of the screws in the board to get to the LCD screen and click wheel.
10. You can remove the 6 screws to pull out the board from the front panel.
11. Remove the 4 clips holding the LCD screen to the board. Do not force to remove the LCD without removing the clips.
12. You now replace some parts in the front panel like the click wheel which can be easily removed because there are no screws holding it.
13. All the parts can now be disassembled after removing the front panel. Reassemble the parts the way they were placed before.

Disassembling the Microsoft Zune 2 80 GB Digital Media Player:

1. The tools needed are T-4 screw drivers, safe open case tool flathead exacto razor.
2. Remove the top plastic insert on the top of the unit to access the 2 T-4 screws.
3. You can now remove the aluminium backing using the safe open tool.
4. Remove the tape holding the battery and the hard drive.
5. Take out the 2 screws holding the headphone jack.
6. Then, you can remove the 80 GB hard drive while carefully unclip the HD cable.
7. Remove the battery from its place. If you are replacing the battery you need a soldering iron to remove it.
8. Carefully take out the round tape holding the wireless antenna assembly because it has a cable below it.
9. Remove the 4 T-4 screws to access the board.
10. Pull the wireless antenna from the board then remove the clip to take out the orange cable under a silver screw clip.
11. Carefully lift the LCD screen clip. Take out the plastic clips then use an exacto or flathead razor to gently lift up each side of the LCD screen.
12. Reassemble the parts accordingly.

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