Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Play HD movies on your Old computer

We already wrote a blog post about old computers , 5 light weight Linux distributions for old computers. Old computers , here not saying very old  Processor's ,Celeron and higher , shows some difficulties while playing HD movies , some time it plays Video but no sound , some time it shows still images and lot of other problems. Most of our Video players use some amount of Memory for background works and for GUI works , this make our videos further slow. Here we are discussing a Light weight Video player for Windows PC's that can play almost all HD formats except 1080p .We are not sure on Playing in all machines , It plays 720P videos on our Old Celeron 2.4 GHz PC .So we hope that it can play HD videos.We use Splayer to play HD videos , which is a simple ,light weight Video player for Windows PC.

Splayer  3.7

Comparison between other Video players

Comparison of similar products

SPlayer Storm Player QQ Player RealPlayer KMPlayer
Size 6.1M 28.9M 19.4M 13-16M 13M
Auto-Matching Subtitles
Open Source
Portable package available
No Bundling
Full-format playback
No ads
GPU Optimization Support Does not support Does not support Does not support Support
Start Up Speed Fast Average Fast Slow Fast
CPU Utilization Low Average Low High Average
Startup-memory footprint Low Average Low Average High
Playback memory footprint Low Average Low Average Average
Ease of use Easy Average Easy Easy Hard
Beautiful interface Check Ugly Simple Average Ugly

New features in Splayer

ShaderEngine--image enhancement engine, reducing screen noise while rendering sharp picture quality
LiveColor--color enhancement algorithms, presenting vivid images
SmartAmplify--Intelligent sound field balancing technology, giving your ears a treat

Low consumption

FastMotion--significantly reduces CPU and memory footprint. Optimizated for modern multi-core CPU and GPU
PowerTravel--power-saving mode, reducing energy consumption and increasing the battery time for notebook
EyeCare--takes care your eyes for long time watching, ensuring a healthy viewing experience


Anti-Silly--smart, fuzzy-logical configuration, hundreds of branch logics automatically select the best mode based on the hardware configuration.
CloudMatching--Intelligent Subtitle Display technology, no longer need to google matching subtitles for foreign language films

Delicate beauty

After a number of enthusiastic users giving professional advices and design assistance, SPlayer interface focuses at simple, stylish, functional integrity without affecting the general use

Splayer while playing a 720P HD video

Option for Playing HD videos on Low end Computer's

Option for low end computer

Download Latest Splayer

Splayer 3.7

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