Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Monitor how much data upload/download in each second

We don't  know how much speed we get . Each time when we visit  websites data transfer happen in both direction. Some data will upload and more data will download. Netspeed Monitor will show you how much data download and upload in each seconds.This will help you to know the band width of your PC.In addition to this it also has another feature " Connection" which show you all IP address of computer which are connected to your computer.You can easily find unknown , dangerous computer's. It allow as to block that particular IP's

Here are some screenshots of NetSpeed Monitor

NetSpeed Monitor 

Right click on and get menu. Select connection

Finding unknown - click on image to full size
Right click on unknown host and check it's destination. You can use  IP address to Host name  to find it's name. You can kill these IP's , right click on that IP and click on Kill.

Data Traffic let you to get Daily ,Monthly ,Session usage of internet. This will help you if you have limited Internet plan.

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