Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Linked/Integrate other social media accounts with new Outlook account

Outlook is a new  Email service by Great Microsoft.Yesterday we thought that it was a new Website for existing Hotmail and Live mail account.But it was our fault it is not a website for existing Microsoft accounts , it is a completely new service but still we can use our old Hotmail ,live mail ID's with , Actually is a new service and it's Email id'  is  . is a clean and perfect Mail service , Microsoft also told that they never use your account for advertisement service , where Google use our Mail contents for advertisement.Here we discussing about How we can add other social media accounts like YouTube,Facebook,Flicker , LinkedIn to

First Visit

Sign up for a new outlook ID

Outllook account settings

Click on account settings

Click on Permission from the left side

Add account

Connect with other service
Click on Each website link and connect it.Give your YouTube user name on the text field and proceed

Advantages over Gmail 

New and Clean look

Integrated skype for Video/Audio chatting

Facebook chat

New style of Writing , Clean and elegant Mail editor ,east to add contact and files

Create new mail 

More Services

Calender and Skydrive

SkyDrive is a cloud storage service similar to Google drive or Apple iCloud

Click on the down arrow as highlight in the above picture

More services

These are the some features outlook .If you like this service comment here we are happy to here your thoughts and comments

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