Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to add Windows 8 metro style home page in Google chrome

Windows 8 style means , metro style desktop with tiles . Tiles are beautiful and easy to manipulate. For Tablets and smartphones , tiles are better than conventional windows icons. We can modify our Google chrome home page as a metro desktop. We can add more Gadgets and apps .Check the image below.

Google chrome look like Windows 8 metro Desktop

1 . Install chrome extension

Awesome new Tab page 

2. Add to the chrome

On the top left side you can see a Gear button.It is for settings. You can add custom background image or other colors.Just below this icon you can see a app button. Click on that button , and add more apps on your metro style page.If you didn't have a apps , goto Google chrome webstore and install new extentions and apps , restart your computer and try again.In order to add new apps , first you should unlock the page. You can see a lock button on the left side panel.Click on it then it will unlock. Then you can  drag apps to home page.

Add new apps

3. Lock after you finish work. Then open new tab you can see new page

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Ahsanul Karim said...

wow.. I love this new cool look of Google Chrome same like Windows 8.

7chip said...

But it make chrome slight slower ...when you click "New tab"


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