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How to Add a CD to Zune

How to Add a CD to Zune

As a result of the widespread popularity of MP3 players like the Zune, CDs are
becoming less and less common. Instead of carrying a stack of CDs around, you can
transfer the music on all of them into a device that fits into the palm of your hand. If you
are ready to upgrade your music listening experiencing, it's time to make the transition
from CDs to a MP3 player.


1.Turn on your computer.
2.Connect your Zune to your computer.
3.Open the Zune software.
4.Insert the CD that you want to add to your Zune.
5.The CD will begin playing automatically in the Zune software.
6.Find the Start Rip button at the bottom right of the central panel and click it.
7.The CD will then be copied and transferred by the software to your Zune.
8.If you would like to increase the speed of the copying process, pause the CD while it
is being copied.

Setting up your Zune software to copy CDs when they are inserted

1.Select Options, which can be found at the top center of the window of the Zune
2.Choose Rip.
3.Select the option to Rip CD Automatically When Inserted.
4.You can also select Eject CD after Ripping, and your CD will automatically be
ejected from the computer once it has been copied by the Zune software.

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