Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How Does the Black Box Work In Crash Data Retrieval

Do you know about the black box device? The term black box refers to a device that is installed in different automobiles. The black box is used to for recording information related to automobile accidents and crashes. The primary purpose of using this device was to collect data in the event of an accident. The black box is capable of providing a number of information depending on the manufacturer of the particular vehicle.

Black box collects data such as brake use, speed, use of the seat belt, the air bag deployment time and so on. Manufacturers now understand the usage and the benefits of using the black box technology which is why most of them use the black box voluntarily. Typically, if the vehicle has an air bag in place, important information regarding the crash will be recorded somewhere.

This electronic device is important and useful as it monitors as well as stores data about the events that occur immediately before, during and after automobile collisions. The black box is typically found in the vehicles ECU or Electronic Control Unit that operates the airbags. The formal term for black boxes are - crash data recorders (CDR) and event data recorders (EDR).

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, you will have to hire an automobile accident attorney as soon as you can. It is always wise to have your lawyer preserve your vehicle soon after the accident. The lawyer will collect the accident data from the black box and will preserve it. This data will prove valuable in your case and that is why it is important to retrieve this data as soon as possible. Also, your defendant will try to download all the information before you and without your permission. In order to avoid this, your attorney must file for a temporary restraining order or he/she may also preserve the evidence. In some cases your attorney may ask your defendant’s lawyer for joint inspections of the automobile. They may even be accompanied by a professional.  This is one of the best ways of preserving the authenticity of the data and also avoiding the chances of the data being destroyed.

As far as the regulations of provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration goes, being the owner of the vehicle, the data belongs to you and your attorney will take the necessary measurements for clarifying this ownership.

All in all, the black box is an essential device that can provide data, necessary in an accident case. You must learn more about Black Box Download and what features it includes.

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