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Free Video Editing software for Windows

Video editing software are very important for Advertising companies and Tech bloggers. Film industries has lot of money so they don't need any free software's. Free software' s has more demand in home users than Office or Business field . We are giving list of free video editing software for Windows , soon we will add list for Linux , stay tuned with us.


LightWork is a professional tool for making Videos ,Films , short Documentaries etc..It has two version basic and Pro /Premium version .Premium version cost 60$ per year.It is a non lineal cross platform software.Same products is also available in windows and mac. size of file is nearly 93mb Unfortunately we didn't install it , it need quicktime and some hardware acceleration. We recommended you to install in some powerful machines , Intel Pentium 4 or higher or equivalent AMD processor .

Download ( 93.3 MB for free version )

You need to register in Lightwork , only after registration you can download

Lightwork home page 


Pioneer software in Film and Broadcasting industry since 1989
Support upto 4K resolution
Simple User Interface

Lightwork window
2. Jahshaka

Non Linear cross platform video editing software.This software come under GPL license , it free and open source.Latest stable version is Jahshaka 2 , which is enough to create Documentaries and YouTube videos.
You will get free video editing tutorials from Jahshaka website.


Download Jahshaka 

3. Windows Movie maker 

Windows Movie maker is a free video editing software for Windows operating system.There are two products available Movie maker 2.1 for Windows XP and 2.6 for Windows vista and 7. New version has lot of  new features . Interface is improved and also add a YouTube uploader icon. It is very simple and easy to use. You can add/remove portions from video , can add audio , sub titles , captions in videos. Default output format is wmv .

Download Windows Movie maker


Free open source cross platform non linear video editor. Avidemux is useful to both Home and Professional users. It is very easy to create video for YouTube . It support visual effects and styles enough to make good professional videos.
Avidemux 32 bit version
Download Avidemux video editor ( 15MB)

5.Wax video editing software

Wax is a simple and efficient software for editing , composing , special effecting .It can be a useful tool for both home and professional users. Wax support 2D and 3D videos , it is also free and licensed under GNU public license.Use graphics acceleration available with your video card for creating mind-boggling effects in realtime or near-realtime.

WAX free video editing software
 Download Wax video editor

6.AVID free DV

Avid Free DV is a perfect tool for students or owners of digital cameras and who want to start their design with a tool similar to those used by professionals.

It offers 16 real-time effects, but is limited to two video tracks and two audio tracks maximum. Avid Free DV will also titrate the scenes and make an acquisition DV with automatic recognition of scene

Download AVID free DV


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