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Download free word processor for Microsoft Windows

Word Processor is very essential for Home and Office users. Most of the students need Word Processors for there education. Microsoft office is the only one best Office software in the world. Unfortunately it is not free , we need to pay some thing for it.We can download Trial version but it is only available upto 60 days after it will ask to buy new one. Libre office ,Abiword are good but it never reach upto Microsoft office.

Download Microsoft office 2013 Customer preview version

Here we are talking about Free software that can be used in the place of Microsoft office. I add office link because it is the best software i ever seen for Office work. But i didn't have any paid version i used to download Trial version using multiple Email account.

Free Software's 

1. Libre office 

It is called fork of Open office org. You can see many similarity between Open office org and Libre office.This software is available in all platforms Windows , Mac and Linux.It is one of the popular software for many Linux distributions like Ubuntu , Linux mint etc...It downloaded 7.5 million time since it launched.

Developers: The Document Foundation

Word Processor  : Libre office writer
Spreadsheet : Libre office calc
Presentation software : Libre office impress
Vector Graphic editor : Libre office Draw
Data base management program  : Libre office Base

Download Libre office suit ( 198 MB )

2. Apache Open Office org

Apache Open Office org formerly known as Open Office org.It is the first widely used Office suit in major distributions like Ubuntu , Debian ,Fedora and more. Later Ubuntu and some other distributions start to use Libre office because of some limitations. You can read limitations of Open office org [ source : Wikipedia ].

Package : Word Processor : Open Office writer
Spreadsheet  software: Open office calc
Presentation software : Open office impress
Vector Graphics : Open office draw
Dara base management: Open office Base

Download Open office org suit (130 MB)

3. IBM Lotus 

IBM Lotus Symphony was a suite of applications for creating, editing, and sharing text, spreadsheet, presentations and other documents, browsing the world wide web, and is currently distributed as freeware. First released in 2007, the suite has a name similar to the 1980s DOS suite Lotus Symphony, but the two programs are otherwise unrelated.

Status : Discontinued

IBM Lotus Symphony was discontinued in January 2012 with the final release of version 3.0.1. The source code was sponsored to the Apache Software Foundation to get merged to which should be done in 4 and IBM plans to release a 'Apache OpenOffice IBM Edition' after 4 is released. On March 27, 2012 a fixpack update for Lotus Symphony 3.0.1 was released

BM Lotus Symphony Documents, a word processor
IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets, a spreadsheet program
IBM Lotus Symphony Presentations, a presentation program
a web browser based on Firefox 3

Download latest Symphony 3.1 

4.King soft office suit

Developer : Kingsoft , famous Chinese Software company

Kingsoft office writer

Kingsoft office suit is widely used in China as a part of Government policy .Kingsoft got a lot of order from 
from many governments in china . Now Kingsoft is an alternate to Microsoft office which was widely used in Chinese offices .Kingsoft integrate many new technology from IBM and Intel to there products.Like Microsoft office and other paid software Kingsoft professional and Office standard are not free . Kingsoft Personal is free and widely used in China.

Kingsoft office suit - Free
Kingsoft office writer - Free
Kingsoft Spreadsheet - Free
Kingsoft Presentation  - Free

Latest version - Kingsoft office 2012

Kingsoft office software Download page 

5. Abiword

Abiword is  default writer software in many Linux distributions like Lubuntu ,Peppermint , Puppy Linux etc..It is very tiny and effective.Abiword is not an office suit, simply a word processor. Interface is similar to Microsoft office 2003 , almost every word processor software have Microsoft office look , it is the most accepted interface.

Like Microsoft office , Abiword has almost all features of Word processor , it has List , Table , Formatting , Header and Footer , Grammar checking  and more.

Developer : Abisource
Abiword 2.9.2

Download Abiword 2.8.X (Preview version 2.9.X) ( 9.3 MB ) 


Kword is developed by KDE , KDE is one of the Desktop interface for Linux distributions.The text-layout scheme in KWord is based on frames, making it similar to FrameMaker by Adobe. These can be placed anywhere on the page, and can incorporate text, graphics and embedded objects. Each new page is a new frame, but the text is able to flow through KWord’s ability to link frames together. The use of frames means that complex graphical layouts can be achieved relatively easily in KWord.


Download Kword ( Online Installation )

Download KOffice suit

Some other Free Word Processors are

Atlantic Word Processor
Word Pad - Microsoft
LyX Document writer 

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