Saturday, August 11, 2012

Download 8 style Windows 7 Transformation packs

Transformation pack can change the look of your  Windows OS. Lion transformation change the default look of Windows 7 to Lion . 8 style transformation pack is a beautiful, mind blowing transfromation pack for Windows 7 PC's.It is free and easy to install.

Latest features of 8style Transformation pack

  • Windows 7 32/64 bit support
  • New Login and Welcome screen
  • Metro Desktop / Modern Desktop 
  • New My Computer Window
  • Files/Folder icons
  • Transparent Start menu
  • No Dock and Widgets 
  • Stylish icons
  • New Windows sound 
  • Mouse pointer
  • Control panel
  • Wallpapers
Screenshots 8style transformation pack

Desktop - 8style Transformation pack
Control panel and user folders 
8style transformation for Windows 7
8style transformation pack - My computer
Windows 7 transformation pack 8style
Metro mosaic

Download 8style Transformation pack

Windows 7 32 bit 
Windows 7 64 bit 

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Ahsanul Karim said...

WINDOWS 7 TRANSFORMATION PACKS looks more Colorful. But I am afraid will it make my pc slow.

Admin said...

Thanks for commenting,check other transformation packs.


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