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Customize your Windows XP using WindowBlinds

Well, Many of you have Windows XP , Some of you have both Windows XP and Windows 7. Those who have old computers , have Windows XP on there machine.Winodws XP can be customize to look like any OS. Windows XP Transformation packs will help us.Here we are talking about WinodowsBlind , customization tool for Windows XP.

WindowsBlind is used to customize your start menu ,Windows border, Windows and Menu bar opacity etc..

WindowBlind Latest version

Visual Style : You can select different style or you can download new styles from deviantart. It will change your start menu , window, task bar etc..Check below image.

Click on image to get full view
 Visual style is used to window border ,  control panet etc..

Transparency: You can change opacity of Task bar , Menu bar , Menu , Windows etc...It will work perfect if you have some Graphics support in your computer. My computer went slow , because it is 7 yr old , only 32MB internal graphics support.

Colour/Textures : Not so good. It is used to change color or to add Texture to windows , start menu.I don't like it . Color changing is similar to aero in windows 7 and 8.

Download WindowBlinder ( It is not free ,you can download  30 days trail version )

Note: It will make your system slight slow , we are recommended to not use if you have very old system

Install new Theme 

Download Style/Theme from Deviatart

How to apply changes 

Download new style or select existing styles

After completing your customization , click on apply changes


Silent Dark - WindowsBlinds- [click on image to enlarge]
XP Tiger - WindowBlinds- [click on image to enlarge]
iPhone Windows

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