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Best Anti Virus software's for Ubuntu/Linux

Does Ubuntu need any Antivirus software's? Answer may be Yes or No . Ubuntu is not completely immune from viruses. Some virus can attack Linux operating systems. Why Linux is free from Virus ? Because Windows Operating system more popular than Linux operating system or any other OS , this make Virus makers to ignore Linux. But in future this may change ,Since the popularity of the Linux operating system is increasing, we cannot ignore the possibility of creating viruses for the same. Linux is free from Virus but is it free from Internet based attacks like Phishing , malware etc..Now a days people giving more importance to internet security than Simply viruses. Phishing , Malicious sites growing daily , and finding new ways to stole personal datas. We need a good antivirus software to prevent these threats even though you have Linux Operating system like Ubuntu ,Debian, Fedora etc...

Linux vs Virus

There are many Antivirus software available in the market , among these AVG , Avasta , Bitdefender ( for testing ) are absolutely free.

AVG Antivirus 

Famous Antivirus for Windows PC's. It is totally free for Linux. Only problem we found is , no GUI , graphical user interface is absent , it run through terminal.

Download AVG for Linux ( 106 MB )

Download Deb file and double click on it

Enter password and follow the instructions

How to scan your computer using AVG Antivirus on Linux/Ubuntu

Avast Antivirus 

Free edition . it's a  good antivirus software, it has many features like GUI , fast scanning etc..

Size of the file is 27MB ,

Download Avast Antivirus

BitDefender Antivirus software

One of the best Antivirus software on  Windows PC's. Now it is available on the Ubuntu/Linux.It is the only Antivirus software with a simple and beautiful GUI. We can automatically updates software in a single click.Installation is not difficult but it is not in  the ordinary way. We need to install file so we can't install using software center.

Register with Bitdefender and try Get a free trial 

Then they will send you a Email with Serial number and Download link. After the installation update it.
Download AntiVirus software from here

Complete download .

Open Terminal

Navigate it to that folder /Choose the downloaded folder where you download antivirus software.

Example : cd Downloads

BitDefender installation step 
type this command

sudo sh

Example: sudo sh

When it complete type accept and enter

Enter Y to get GUI

Setup Bitdefender 

Goto Ubuntu menu and type Bitdefender when installation complete

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Thanks to sharing nice information regarding best ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE'S FOR UBUNTU/LINUX with free trail i like your work.

Admin said...

Linux is free from virus but it is not free from Internet based attacks.


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