Thursday, August 23, 2012

10 Facebook funny apps

Facebook is funny and informative.People visit Facebook to share there status , chat with girls , to get new friends.Daily you see thousand of funny messages and pictures.They will reduce our tension. Here we are talking about some funny apps for Facebook. No malware , no virus 100% secure.

1. Who hate You.

It will show you who hate you in Facebook, i am not saying it is original , take it as a time pass.

Launch this app:

2.People talking about you

It will show you How much Girls/Boys talking about you.

Launch this app:

3.Who will Kill you

Launch this

4.How many Male and Female friends  you have

Launch apps:

5.Get your Progress Report

Consider Facebook as your College , How will you pass from Facebook. Do you know ? Check your Progress report here.

Launch this app: Facebook Progress Report

6.Know your Swiss Balance Account 

It is a funny app that give details and balance of your Swiss Bank account.

Facebook apps:

7. My Marriage Prediction 

Marriage prediction give details of Place, spouse characteristics etc..
My marriage prediction app :

8.Facebook Profile Value 

Facebook profile value app:

9.Find your Mental Age 
It is used to find your metal age based on your activities in Facebook
Facebook app -What is your Mental age:

10. Who Love You 
This app give first Letter of Girl who love you.
Who Love you app:

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Ahsanul Karim said...

ha ha..I love all these FB apps. But I love most the 2nd apps -
People talking about you

Adityaria007 said...

verry funny

Jemma Taylor said...

Its well articulated.. but looking at popularity of facebook.. there should also be under table payment application for Indian Babu's so they can also spend time on facebook!!

Mark Wright said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Wright said...

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